The strangest things in the strangest places at the strangest times

I’m in the bus yesterday, reading a book, minding my own business. Suddenly, the women across from me (who I noticed had been trying to write something) leans over and hands me a piece of paper with a website address on it. She said that’s planning on making a calendar, and she thought I had a very striking face, and would I be interested in being in it?

Rest assured, I was somwhat incredulous of the whole thing. However, she kept repeating that I had a beautiful face, and seemed surprised when I told her that I hadn’t heard that opinion expressed very frequently. Anyway, I checked out the website and sent her an email, to see if she’d come to her senses yet, or if she was still hallucinating. You can check out the URL yourself. Either way, I’ll be sure to keep all you loyal readers updated on this interesting turn of events.

At any rate, if anything does work out, at least I’ll get some professional photos taken. My parents have been bugging me about it for a while now. They want me to pose for some nice pictures, preferably wearing a suit, and send them over. Apparently, they can’t wait till I actually get to India before they start shopping my sweet ass around. *sighs* Ah, the travails of beauty… anyway, my suggestion was that I could send a picture after a particularly booze-filled evening, and they can use that as a worst case scenario. To wit:

“If you think he looks tolerable now, he can’t look any worse, and can only get better.”

They didn’t seem to enthused about that option, surprisingly enough.


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