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Scott Adams is funny!

August 23, 2006

Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) on the benefits of growing old :

“Being older has many advantages. My favorite one is that I get automatic respect without earning it. Thats sweet. I could say to the young ice cream shop vendor Give me two scoops of vanilla, turd-boy, and he would probably say, Very good, sir. Coming up! The world isnt fair, but as long as its tilting in my direction I find that theres a natural cap to my righteous indignation.”


“Another bonus of advanced age is the accumulation of generally useless knowledge that is nonetheless impressive. After about the age of 40 you start hearing a lot of How did you know THAT? If you sum up all of the facts in your head plus your awesome powers of inference plus your exceptional skill at bullshitting, you look like a psychic to anyone under 20.

Thats why after I call the ice cream vendor turd-boy I follow up with Youre thinking of spitting in my ice cream now, arent you? Then he says something like Whoa, dude! How did you do that?”

Heh heh heh…


The strangest things in the strangest places at the strangest times

August 22, 2006

I’m in the bus yesterday, reading a book, minding my own business. Suddenly, the women across from me (who I noticed had been trying to write something) leans over and hands me a piece of paper with a website address on it. She said that’s planning on making a calendar, and she thought I had a very striking face, and would I be interested in being in it?

Rest assured, I was somwhat incredulous of the whole thing. However, she kept repeating that I had a beautiful face, and seemed surprised when I told her that I hadn’t heard that opinion expressed very frequently. Anyway, I checked out the website and sent her an email, to see if she’d come to her senses yet, or if she was still hallucinating. You can check out the URL yourself. Either way, I’ll be sure to keep all you loyal readers updated on this interesting turn of events.

At any rate, if anything does work out, at least I’ll get some professional photos taken. My parents have been bugging me about it for a while now. They want me to pose for some nice pictures, preferably wearing a suit, and send them over. Apparently, they can’t wait till I actually get to India before they start shopping my sweet ass around. *sighs* Ah, the travails of beauty… anyway, my suggestion was that I could send a picture after a particularly booze-filled evening, and they can use that as a worst case scenario. To wit:

“If you think he looks tolerable now, he can’t look any worse, and can only get better.”

They didn’t seem to enthused about that option, surprisingly enough.

This is Bullsh!t

August 17, 2006

Two major news events happened recently:
1) They might have found JonBenet Ramsey’s killer in Thailand, ten years after she was killed.
2) A Federal judge ruled that the NSA’s eavesdropping program is illegal and unconstitutional.

Guess which story has the feature position on

And people wonder what’s wrong with this country. Jeezus.

Sci-Fi Comedy

August 10, 2006

For you Star Trek fans (and I know there are a lot of you reading this blog), check out this page .

And yes, even you non-Trekkies should be able to appreciate a lot of the humour.

I wish I went there instead

August 4, 2006

Wow, this place looks really cool.

I got paid!

August 2, 2006

Got the check on Monday, deposited it (and opened a new checking account at TD Canada Trust ) yesterday. Of course, it’ll take five business days to get processed, since I had a US driver’s license as my ID, so I won’t actually get the money till next Thursday. But it’s there. Kinda.

Also, based on some common sense advice I got from a friend (you know who you are), I’m going to get back my reading habit through sheer force of will. I have a bus pass for the rest of August, and there is a bus passing right by the library. Also, I have a 50 minute one-way commute. Let’s see how it goes.

I’ve been ;pondering a lot of things lately, about where I’m going to be six months from now, and what I’ll be doing. The way I see it, here are my options:
a) Go to India at the end of the year, and start setting up the Indian side of Rohit Connexion. This will depend on how the business is going, and if I still want to be involved after I leave here.
b) Go to India at the end of the year, and work with dad for at least a year. It’ll be a great learning experience, and will be very helpful for whenever I do end up going to business school, since I’ll be much better equipped to filter out the bullshit.

Of course, the downside to both those options is that I’d have to move back to India (and for (b), back to Baroda), and I don’t know if I want to do that yet. Which leads me to:
c) Go back to the US and try to find something there.

At the moment, I’m leaning more towards (b), if only because it’s the most guaranteed thing. I don’t mind working with dad. It’s the living in Baroda that bothers me. I’ll essentially be sacrificing my social life for at least one year, probably 18 months. Plus, I’ll have to deal with all the relatives and friends bugging me (jokingly or not) about getting married, and there’s only so much I’ll be able to take of that before I’ll want to shoot myself. Worst of all, I don’t really have any friends left there. Adil’s still there, but he’s married now. I don’t know if Saumil will still be there. That’s about it. I guess I can use the time to catch up on my gaming and reading backlog. *rolls eyes*

On another note, KP and I were briefly tossing around the idea of starting a little business ourselves. The biggest problem with that is that I’d have to move down to Georgia to make it work, since he can’t leave. ;Specifically, I’d probably have to move down to Macon, for a venture that would remain part-time at least in the beginning. And since nothing short of a guaranteed lottery would convince me to move down to the “Dirty South”, that just makes our joint venture a little more challenging. ;Would be great if we could work something out though. Let’s see. And yes, I know he’s reading this. It seems to be the only way I can reliably convey information to him and know he received it.