New Cars!

There might be a new direction for Rohit Connexion (no, I wasn’t trying to rhyme), but we’ll find out more in the next couple of weeks. If everything comes through, it should make for an interesting few months ahead.

Other than that, I’ve had a lot to think about in terms of the direction my life is going to take. Rohit (my boss’s boss, roommate and family friend) and I had a good talk on Friday about my goals, and I’m starting to wonder if it wouldn’t be best for me to wait until Fall 08 before I get my MBA. That way, I will be better equipped to filter the useful stuff from the bullshit when ;I actually do get to class. The drawback, of course, is that I probably won’t be single by then. *sighs* I mean, I can hold off my parents for only so long…

Also, Roshni told me that she received my driver’s abstract from the California DMV, so I guess it did only take two weeks or so. That means I’ll have my own wheels within the week. Unfortunately, I still have a bus pass for the full month of August, so I might be using public transport for a few more weeks, if only to feel like I didn’t waste $59 CAD (that’s CAnadian Dollars for financially unaware).

As for the post’s title, Rohit and I went to the Acura showroom yesterday. He’s looking to get a new car for his folks, since his mom’s getting her knees replaced. We started out by going to the Toyota showroom, and it was closed. Let me repeat, so you can digest that. A car dealership that stays closed on Sundays! ;The Lexus showroom (which is owned by a separate dealer, I think) was closed too! ;But Acura was open, and since I’m kind of a Honda/Acura fanboy, I nudged Rohit to go check it out, even though he was dead set on getting a Lexus brand for his folks. He liked the cars they had, especially since he was potentially looking for one for himself (I recommended the TSX for him.) Unfortunately, because of the kind of business they’re in, his dad needs to have a high value car to impress the construction workers. And to an unsophisticated buyer, Acura just doesn’t have the cachet of Mercedes, BMW, or Lexus. *shrugs* Oh well…

Also, there are a couple of other activities I’m going to try and get myself involved in, especially since I should be getting a car soon. One involves community service, and the other is a vocation I’ve wanted to try for a long time. More details when things firm up.

Lastly, since I got myself a Social Insurance Number last week, I get paid today. YAY! Well, I should, at any rate. But Rohit was signing checks yesterday morning, and claims not to have seen mine in the pile. Bastard.

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