A Theft and a Night Out

So, on Wednesday, I bought 36 protein bars, worth approx $60. I leave them on my desk at work because I only plan to eat them at work. On Thursday morning, I didn’t notice if they were there or not, since I wasn’t looking. I went out to our client’s site and was there all day. Get back, looking for a protein bar, and they’re gone! Can’t find them, no one’s seen them. Ugh.

In even more good news, I talked to my sister today. While the Honda was parked somewhere, someone apparently scraped the back fender. Left a dent approximately 1 inch long. Repair costs will be around $250. I’m still debating if I should get it fixed or not. She’s going to send me a picture of it. I guess the main reason I’m not as angry as I should be is because I was kinda expecting this to happen. *sighs*

In more positive news, I went o Whyte Ave last night with Rohit and some of his friends, to say goodbye to one guy leaving for an MBA in Toronto. I had a few good drinks, including a couple of combos I hadn’t tried before, and I saw a lot of good-looking women, which at least tells me they exist in Edmonton. Too bad I didn’t have time to shave or change before we went there. I had a four-day stubble and was wearing a flannel shirt over my jeans. Flannel! I felt like a lumberjack! Ugh… Still, it was fun.

Today, the parent company organised a golf tournamen and BBQ. I hit one good drive off the tee, and a couple of tolerable fifty-yard worm burners . The BBQ was ok. Had a couple of grilled portobello mushrooms and some salad. Came home at 2:30, crashed at 3, just got up 30 minutes ago. Rohit’s at a wedding reception, and the bus service to our neighbourhood stops before 7p on the weekends, so I guess I’ll be watching Monk Season 1.


One Response to “A Theft and a Night Out”

  1. Meowtotrot Says:

    ok, i admit.

    I stole your protein bars.

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