Yes, they really do say “ey”

I’ve been lazy. So sue me. Life’s been all right here these past two weeks. I’ve been slowly getting used to the whole Canada lifestyle. It feels different here from the US, even though people look the same and even sound similar. A little more relaxed, a little more familiar, a lot more friendly. Seriously, a random guy at the bus stop started chatting with me, and we were talking about the Edmonton Transit System (which is surprisingly good).

A little background. My dad’s very good friend, Radhe Uncle, has a successful housing development company here in Edmonton. His son, Rohit, also works here, and they run the company together. A year ago, they decided to try the IT market by starting an IT solutions company, with a guy named Adil from the University of Alberta. This IT company is where I work, and I’m living with Rohit. There, background done.

I got a bus pass last Friday. The original plan was to get me a company car, but the insurance company needs a copy of my driving record before they’ll add me to the policy. But to get aforementioned copy, I need to interact with the dreaded DMV . I called them, and they said it normally takes about two weeks to process, but if they’re sending it to Canada, it’ll take four to six weeks. So, I did the only natural thing I could do. I couriered the request form to Roshni in Houston, and asked her to overnight it to the DMV. They’ll take two weeks to process it, since they’re mailing the driving record to a US address (hers). Then she’ll overnight it to me. Total time taken? About four weeks. So I got a bus pass. I got one for August too, just in case, but I don’t know if I’ll use it enough by then to justify the cost. We’ll see.

One good thing about the bus route I take to go home is that it goes right by the YMCA where my company has negotiated a 50% discount on the premier membership . It’s a really cool facility, and one of the coolest features is the FITLINXX system installed. Makes it a lot easier to keep track of my workouts, in terms of what weights to use, and even what settings I use on the machines. Less stuff to carry around = good. And, of course, they have the Holy Grail of any gym: towel service. Ooohhhh… Even 24 Fitness didn’t have that.

I haven’t gone out too much yet, but that should hopefully change soon. The West Edmonton Mall (North America’s largest) is an hour away by bus, so that hasn’t been tackled yet. However, I did go to Whyte Ave (where all the “cool” people go), which is near the University of Alberta. Needless to say, while having lunch on the sidewalk, there was a lot of good looking foot traffic.

So far, I’ve met a few of Rohit’s friends, and they all seem like a fun bunch of folks. His girlfriend is especially cool, and I think I like hanging out with her more than I do with him. She’s a lot of fun, and she’s one of those girls who doesn’t try to put on one of those “ladylike” airs. She also thinks I’m kinda heaven-sent, because I reminded her about Rohit’s birthday last week, and because I have some habits which she wants Rohit to adopt (like eating and working out regularly). I’ve told her to keep a lookout for cute friends, since I’m going to be here for a few months.

On that note, I’m not really sure how long I’m going to be here. I was thinking till the end of the year, but my dad seems pretty sure I’ll be coming back to India by Diwali (November or so). His company is getting a lot of new orders, and he says he’ll have plenty of work for me when I get back. Now, I just need to figure out if I want to go to India or not.

*Update* ;An hour ;after my original post, Adil hit me with three projects to get done before the end of the week. And here I thought this was going to be an easy day. * sighs*


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