Ah, Houston

Visited the Birthplace this past weekend for my sister’s graduation ceremony. She’s not technically done with her coursework yet, but she decided to walk now instead of next year. It was also Aashna’s second birthday party on Saturday, making two celebrations in one day. Great fun was had by all. I’ll try to post a picture of her on the blog, if only so that people can see how good-looking my relatives are.

Saturday was supposed to be the big marathon training day – a brutal 20 mile run. Unfortunately, because of the heat, I could only manage around 13 before having to go inside. The bad news is, my 16-miler two weeks ago remains my longest training run, so I haven’t gotten the best possible training for the main event. This means that when I do the actual 26.2 on June 4th, I won’t hit the proverbial “wall” so much as I’ll crash into it. The silver lining is that the 13 miles felt pretty OK, which is important because I was running on the roads outside my cousin’s place, and I’ll be running on roads in San Diego. The keys for me will definitely be
1) Take it really slow on Race Day.
2) Hit every water and Powerade stop.

To tell you the truth, I’m actually excited about it. ;Anyway, the plan is, Mom and I will drive down to San Diego on Friday June 2, then drive back after the race on the 4th. I should be done with the marathon by 12:30p (six hours), so we can get a good lunch and leave early afternoon, aand hopefully get back home before it’s too late Sunday night. Then probably a half day at work ;on Monday.

Had a good discussion with dad regarding the direction my career is (or should be) taking. I now have another option to consider in case I don’t find a new job soon enough, though I’m not too sure how much I’d like moving back home. If my life is dull and boring here, it would be doubly so back in Baroda. *shudder*

In other news, I made an impulse purchase today. In less than three hours, I’ll be taking possession of a used PlayStation 2, along with ;three games (only one of which I want) for the low price of $75, cash. Given that a new system would cost $130 (plus $20 for the game), I think I made out OK. The biggest upside though, is the number of games I’ll be able to try thanks to the magic of game rentals. ;Fun times ahead…

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