Saw my first marathon this past Sunday, down in Monterey . It was quite interesting, and got me more psyched for my own misadventure in five weeks ;(which I officially registered for during the Big Sur marathon Expo on Saturday). I also purchased an actual running shirt and shorts , as well as some gel . I actually got to use all three of these while doing my long training run on Sunday night. Sixteen miles. That’s a 1 followed by a 6. As in, three miles more than a half-marathon. This was the very first training run where my legs actually hurt at the end. In fact, even during my cooldown walk, my legs were aching. But I did it. Now I have a 20 miler on May 14th (which is when I’m Houston… lovely), and then it winds down until the actual race on June 4th. I’m excited…

Work’s been pretty slow lately. My motivation isn’t helped by the fact that my cubemate plays Myst on his laptop because he doesn’t have any work to do either. Ugh…

Also, I’m actually considering staying at LM for another year or so. Reason? The World Cup . It’s probably going to be my only chance to actually go to an event like this, and it’ll be really hard for me to get 4 weeks of vacation less than a year into my new job. Definitely a tough decision…

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