Go donate some blood today!!

Donated blood today, and my blood pressure reading came in at approximately 110/54. Less than a week ago, my blood pressure was 120/75 (approximately). Interesting.

Oh, and here’s a cool link … very creative, I thought.

The situation at work got even weirder. I’m almost convinced that there’s been some ;shady happenings, and I got caught up in it somehow. Fortunately, I believe the people looking into it will be fair. Nonetheless, I won’t be totally relaxed until ;everything is cleared up. After that, it’ll be time to re-evaluate my current employment, and decide if I really want to stay. It’s a good thing I have a cool manager.

In other news, I met a ;guy this past weekend who works at Google. I asked him, on a whim, how much someone with my qualifications, work experience and interests would hypothetically make at Google. Answer? Base salary is very good, and total compensation ;(after bonus, stock grant, options, etc) is quite generous indeed. Of course, the downside is that he sometimes ;has work weeks of 100+ hours, so… yeah. I’ll pass him my resume anyway. After all, no harm in looking. Besides, they have gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I’d save on food costs too.


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