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If Wishes Were Horses…

March 21, 2006

Do you know where I want to be right now? Here .

Do you know why I’m not there right now? Money .

Oh, and the fact that I have to go to work.


Toothy Issues

March 18, 2006

Just came into work from my dentist. Seems the right side molar that’s given me problems since childhood might need some major work soon. I’m going to get a second opinion from Rajnibhai, but worst case scenario, I have to get a bridge or an implant .

In other news, I love movie trailer parodies , even if the ending of this was a little weird…

*edit* Remember in a previous post I’d mentioned getting a Nintendo DS Lite, and how it will be released in the US sometime around May? Well, turns out, I really want it to get released sooner. I just realised this morning that the ;VTA bus ;going to ;work passes right by my house for a free 30 minute bus ride. Free? Free. My company pays for VTA passes, so all employees can use VTA services for free. Damn…

Chirag the Teacher

March 15, 2006

Met up with Anurag and Rahul last night regarding my upcoming gig as a GMAT instructor for Testpundit. I guess what gets me more anxious than I would otherwise be is the fact that I’ll be teaching the Verbal section. Hmm… Oh well, I guess that just means my English will get gooder. I must say though, Anurag had some pretty interesting ideas for where he wants this to be in a few years. Will definitely think about staying involved somehow. Either way, it’s not a bad deal at all. I have to teach ;one 3-hour class a week for 6 weeks. For each hour spent teaching, assume another hour preparing. So basically a regular work week spread out over six weeks. I think I can handle that.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about getting a portable gaming device, namely, the Nintendo DS Lite . ;There have been two main reasons why I haven’t gotten one yet:
1) I have too many unplayed PC games to finish already. If I got a new gaming system, I don’t think I could live with the guilt.
2) More practically speaking, when would I play? If I’m at home, I’d rather work my way through the PC backlog. The only time I’d use the DS would be if I were travelling a lot, or if I was commuting a lot. Basically, if I was doing something that required me to sit in one place for a long time on a (semi-)regular basis. Then yeah, I’d get one. So, in other words, if I get a consulting job where I gotta fly to BFE ;every week, then you’re damn straight I’m getting a DS. Till then, it’s going to stay on my “Thinking about it” list.

Ah, Games…

March 14, 2006

Had a great weekend playing lots of computer games. Rather, lots of A computer game . ;God, it felt good.

Oh, and here’s an interesting link for all you Friendster/MySpace/Facebook nuts.

Talked to the body shop today. Should hopefully get my baby back on Wednesday. All ;I know is, I better not be able to tell she’s been in an accident by the time they’re done with her, especially with all the money they’re charging…

In other news, I cancelled my Netflix subscription to focus more on life. It’s very possible I’ll return to it at some point in the near future, but right now, I gotta make it through my backlog of games and TV. Oh, and my “social life” as well.

*edit* Hehehe… this is funny .

Some cool links, and some fights…

March 11, 2006

For all you Simpsons fans

The risk posed by stupid fashion choices

Also, I’m going to this tonight. It should be a lot of fun. Unfortunately, this was the only poster I could find for the event, and while Cung Le is a big attraction, he’s not the main event. That would be Frank Shamrock vs Cesar Gracie . Let the combat begin!!


March 9, 2006

One of the coolest feelings in the world is looking for a bug in your code late one evening, not find it, come back the next morning, and find the problem in the first fifteen minutes. Yeah, you wish you hadn’t wasted so much time, especially because it tends to be something really minor, but damn it feels gratifying. Makes me feel like I’m not as stupid as I think.

No smart aleck remarks allowed!!

Go donate some blood today!!

March 9, 2006

Donated blood today, and my blood pressure reading came in at approximately 110/54. Less than a week ago, my blood pressure was 120/75 (approximately). Interesting.

Oh, and here’s a cool link … very creative, I thought.

The situation at work got even weirder. I’m almost convinced that there’s been some ;shady happenings, and I got caught up in it somehow. Fortunately, I believe the people looking into it will be fair. Nonetheless, I won’t be totally relaxed until ;everything is cleared up. After that, it’ll be time to re-evaluate my current employment, and decide if I really want to stay. It’s a good thing I have a cool manager.

In other news, I met a ;guy this past weekend who works at Google. I asked him, on a whim, how much someone with my qualifications, work experience and interests would hypothetically make at Google. Answer? Base salary is very good, and total compensation ;(after bonus, stock grant, options, etc) is quite generous indeed. Of course, the downside is that he sometimes ;has work weeks of 100+ hours, so… yeah. I’ll pass him my resume anyway. After all, no harm in looking. Besides, they have gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I’d save on food costs too.

Bring Back The Glorious Monotony!!

March 3, 2006

I gotta say, February has been one hell of a month. First I get a girlfriend, then I bang ;up my new(ish) car and get blamed for all the damages, then there’s this drama at work.

Next time I complain about my life being boring and that I wish something exciting ;would happen, someone please kick me. Hard.