My life should be less exciting

Let’s see…
1) Car accident on Valentine’s Day morning. Car in front of me stopped suddenly while merging onto Central Expressway. I had been looking behind for oncoming traffic, so didn’t see him till the last second. I swerved, so only my passenger side front corner hit his driver side rear corner. No airbags deployed, but that part of my car got banged up pretty bad. Fender, bumper, side panel, headlight… all gone. Fortunately, no structural damage. Still, all that stuff needs to be replaced, and with labour costs, the estimate comes out to approximately $9500. I don’t think they have a smiley face to depict how I felt. No one was hurt, thankfully, but I could definitely have done without this. At least I still had my old car to drive. Thank goodness for procrastination. And the silver lining was that I got a romantic home-cooked meal out of it.
2) I was asked by my former GMAT instructor Anurag if I’d be willing to help teach the Testpundit GMAT class. He’d mentioned something about it a few months ago, when I told him my score. I’d assumed he’d want my help with the math part, but it turns out he’d like me to teach the verbal section. That should be… interesting. The next session starts in a few weeks, so he’ll be getting back to me about it soon.
3) I am planning on running the San Diego Marathon ;in June.

… You can stop laughing now…

*ahem* Anyway, I started training for it ;over a ;week ago. It’s been relatively light so far, but it’ll be ramping up fairly quickly. I haven’t officially registered for the marathon yet. I want to wait a month and see how my body handles going from 0 to 20+ miles per week. Fortunately, I have something to help with the boredom. I bought a “still in shrink wrap” iPod Mini from a friend of mine, so now I have something to listen to while I run. I don’t listen to music though… mostly just stick to podcasts about tech and games. This way, I keep informed AND get in shape.
4) I finally continued playing Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne ;again. I need to beat that game, so I can try my hand at World of Warcraft again. Aaaahhh, WoW…

Will add more as I remember it…


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