My demanding public!

One of my newer readers was a bit peeved that I was going so long between updates. Turns out my blog is the highlight of her day, and she’s asked me to update more regularly so that she has at least one good thing to look forward to. Who am I to turn down such a request?

Had a pleasant surprise on Thursday, with Rakhi making a surprise visit to Cali before she heads out to India this week (tomorrow, I think). We went out for dinner at Krung Thai restaurant near Santana Row, followed by bowling. ;Played 2 games, and during the second game, we made it a team competition. Chris and Vikram versus Rakhi, Alpesh and myself. ;Recorded a rare (for me, anyway) 100+ score, and we won the game by a total of 13 points. Fun times.

Friday, I went to see Rang De Basanti. I was definitely impressed. It’s about a young British woman who comes to India to film a documentary about five Indian revolutionaries, the most prominent of whom were Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad . She comes into contact with a group of friends, led by Aamir Khan, and casts them as the main characters. Initially, they seem to have nothing in common with the legends they portray. They can’t understand the fierce patriotism that their forefathers felt, and think the whole notion of sacrificing for the country is ;a waste of time. But gradually, events conspire to make them reconsider their feelings, and it turns out that maybe the British lady wasn’t far off in her casting as we first thought. The ending was quite uplifting, if a little unrealistic. Still, good movie overall. At first, I wondered if the movie might have been too long. Then I realised that it was actually paced just right. Everything made sense, and everything was there for a reason. One or two of the songs might have been a little unnecessary, but they were tolerable. Definitely a recommended film.

Saturday was rather interesting. Met up with Rakhi, Alpesh, Vikram and Rajul and went canoeing at Shoreline Park. Later that evening, I went up with a friend to San Francisco for a bhangra party. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive at first regarding the prospect of listening to bhangra for over 3 hours at a stretch. Turns out, my fears were largely unfounded. The DJ mixed up the bhangra with hip hop which sounded funny at first, but I didn’t think it was too ;bad overall. And I did have fun dancing. The company might have had something to do with it. ;Overall, a fun night.

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