Who knew?

Apparently, the San Jose Arena (or HP Pavilion) is one of the top halls in the country. Ranked number 3 in the US, and number 7 in the world. Don’t believe me? Check this .

You know, one of the worst things about waiting for something is the actual waiting. It’s like when you apply for college. You’ve sent everything in, and you know you’ll get a decision eventually, but till then you gotta wait. They don’t have a timer that counts down to the exact decision time. They don’t give you warning messages when there are only a couple of days to go. They just make you wait. ;And there’s nothing you can do afterwards ;to speed them up or improve your chances. ;It’s even worse if you’re applying for a new job. At least colleges send you a polite rejection letter. Companies just say they’ll keep your resume in the database and contact you if something comes up. Bleh. I hate waiting when I don’t know how long I’ll be waiting for.


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