Russell is really funny, and Jack is back!

Russell Peters is a very funny guy. I’m sure most of you have seen his video already. Anyway, several people who’ve seen him perform live said he wasn’t that funny, and that he re-used a lot of the material from his TV show. Well, of course he did! Comedians don’t come up with new material every 2 months. It takes them a couple of years to write a whole new 90 minute routine. Even the most prolific comics, like George Carlin, take a couple of years between shows to write new stuff. And given that ;Russell’s video is barely a year old, I’m not surprised that he uses the same jokes. He just hasn’t had time to write new ones. So people said he sucks. But those same people ;still love watching the video again and again, even today. Go figure.

Anyway, I saw him live on Saturday, and he rocked the house! All new material (take that, you comedy philistines!) Of course, the theme was the same; he primarily talked about race and perceptions about race. That seems to be his niche, and he handles it well. Plus, as a bonus, it turns out they were filming his live DVD that night, and were also gonna use the footage for his Comedy Central special. I might actually get that DVD. And I recommend you get it too. Trust me, he was on that night.

Also, 24 started Season 5 last night, and all I can say is…


Now, I understand that some of you might not have seen the show yet, so I’m warning you right now, the rest of this post is a spoiler. Don’t read ahead if you want it to remain a surprise. If you do read it by accident, don’t blame me. To make it easier, I’ll make the text red.

Spoilers begin:

I can’t believe they killed off President Palmer, and that too in the first five minutes of Episode 1! That was the ;first “Holy Shit” moment. The second one was when they killed Michelle Dessler (and critically wounded Tony Almeida) ten minutes later. I mean, I realise they had to come up with a compelling reason to make Bauer come out of the dark, but did they have to take out three of the most popular characters? All I can say is, I don’t think Jack’s been this pissed since Season 1 when ;the bad guys ;kidnapped Kim. I mean, ;when he found out that the bad guy he ;wounded had assassinated Palmer, I thought he was just going to let him bleed to death there. Nope. ;He executed him. ; ;This time, it’s personal and he’s really gonna make them pay. And I for one can not wait. I just hope they don’t try to get too cute and actually off Jack, because the show will not survive without him. ;Kiefer Sutherland ; is 24, and the show will not work otherwise.


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