30 minutes or 3 days?

So, I’m helping this guy Monte at work with this one task. He’s telling me this morning what I’m going to be doing. Basically, I need to read through a technical document and look for information on specific commands and responses. The problem is, I don’t know where in the document to find this information, and even if I do find it, which commands are relevant and which aren’t. Even bigger problem is, Monte’s not too sure either, which is why he’s been stuck on this task for a while. So I tell him, “Why don’t we just go talk to the ;engineer who wrote this document in the first place, and ask her to highlight the sections that contain the information we want?”

So, we go over to the other building where she sits. I print out the Table of Contents for the document, so she can just put a check mark against the relevant sections, while Monte is talking to someone else. I don’t know how long it’s gonna be, so Monte says he’ll just see me when I get back. I head over to the gal’s desk and in ;three minutes, she marks the sections to look at. I thank her and head back to my building. The total process took about half an hour, and that includes the walking between the buildings, printing out the Table of Contents twice (once on the wrong printer) and actually sitting down with her. Contrast this with the days (yes, days ) it would have taken for us to figure it out ourselves, and we’d probably have to ask her for help anyway.

Seriously, does no one use common sense any more?

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