Another Day, Another Year

2006 is upon us already. Seems like just yesterday I was dancing on top of a bar in Bombay to ring in 2005. ;Let’s see what the New Year holds in store for us.

Ended up going out with Hemal and his friends. It was an … interesting evening. After some pre-partying at our place, we all went out to Buddha Lounge. While I was at the bar trying to get some water, Hemal comes up to me and asks me if I was hitting on Komal.
Komal? Who’s Komal?
Apparently you hit on her out on the dance floor.
I don’t even know who Komal is.
Komal’s the one wearing…
Ok, I don’t care who Komal is. I definitely wasn’t hitting on her.
Ok dude. Just checking.

Apparently, I got a bit excited when the DJ put on “Billie Jean”, and I guess I swung my arms a little more vigorously than usual. ; ;I did remember noticing that one of Hemal’s female friends was looking at me rather oddly. I guess ;that was Komal. Oh well… *shrugs*

As for my resolutions, here they are:
1) I will not waste my free time anymore. I will be more proactive in the use of my recreational time. In other words, I’m gonna do my damnedest to finish up that DVD, TV show and PC game backlog ASAP. And I’m gonna stop napping during the day on weekends. That time would be much better spent shooting zombies and Nazis.
2) For one year, I will stop putting myself in situations where I leave myself vulnerable. For one year, I will attempt to take back control. This, obviously, will be the harder one. I’ve already got one friend telling me I can’t do it. Let’s see if I can’t prove the doubters wrong.


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