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My demanding public!

January 30, 2006

One of my newer readers was a bit peeved that I was going so long between updates. Turns out my blog is the highlight of her day, and she’s asked me to update more regularly so that she has at least one good thing to look forward to. Who am I to turn down such a request?

Had a pleasant surprise on Thursday, with Rakhi making a surprise visit to Cali before she heads out to India this week (tomorrow, I think). We went out for dinner at Krung Thai restaurant near Santana Row, followed by bowling. ;Played 2 games, and during the second game, we made it a team competition. Chris and Vikram versus Rakhi, Alpesh and myself. ;Recorded a rare (for me, anyway) 100+ score, and we won the game by a total of 13 points. Fun times.

Friday, I went to see Rang De Basanti. I was definitely impressed. It’s about a young British woman who comes to India to film a documentary about five Indian revolutionaries, the most prominent of whom were Bhagat Singh and Chandrashekhar Azad . She comes into contact with a group of friends, led by Aamir Khan, and casts them as the main characters. Initially, they seem to have nothing in common with the legends they portray. They can’t understand the fierce patriotism that their forefathers felt, and think the whole notion of sacrificing for the country is ;a waste of time. But gradually, events conspire to make them reconsider their feelings, and it turns out that maybe the British lady wasn’t far off in her casting as we first thought. The ending was quite uplifting, if a little unrealistic. Still, good movie overall. At first, I wondered if the movie might have been too long. Then I realised that it was actually paced just right. Everything made sense, and everything was there for a reason. One or two of the songs might have been a little unnecessary, but they were tolerable. Definitely a recommended film.

Saturday was rather interesting. Met up with Rakhi, Alpesh, Vikram and Rajul and went canoeing at Shoreline Park. Later that evening, I went up with a friend to San Francisco for a bhangra party. I must admit, I was a little apprehensive at first regarding the prospect of listening to bhangra for over 3 hours at a stretch. Turns out, my fears were largely unfounded. The DJ mixed up the bhangra with hip hop which sounded funny at first, but I didn’t think it was too ;bad overall. And I did have fun dancing. The company might have had something to do with it. ;Overall, a fun night.


A List and a Cyst

January 25, 2006

Last week, ;my friend ;and I tried counting all the guys who’ve ever been interested in her ; and who she rejected since she was in 8th grade. This included ex-boyfriends where she ended the relationship. Final count? 52.

Umm… yeah.

Personally, I’m impressed that she remembered the names of all but two. Another interesting factoid… at least two of those guys have since been confirmed as being gay. I guess if you can’t have the best, you might as well give up, eh?

Also, I finally solved a mystery that had bothered my for years. My wrist has been giving me problems for God-knows-how-long, and I always assumed it had to do with my computer usage. It got to the point where I couldn’t even get into position to do a pushup with a lot of pain. Plus, ;a couple of weeks ago, I started noticing a bump of sorts on my wrist. ;I finally went to the doctor, and found out I had a ganglion cyst . He injected that bad boy with cortisone, so in the best case scenario, this thing will be gone in a few more days. I think it’s starting to get better, but that might just be wishful thinking. I’m just hoping that soon enough, I’ll actually be able to drop and do twenty. At the very least, I’m glad to find out exactly what the damn problem was.

And finally, for you 24 fans, a couple of interesting links here and here . My favourite random Jack facts? The one about the horse, and the one about his keys. There are lots of other gems, though.

The only thing missing was a human cannon

January 20, 2006

I’ve finally seen Cirque Du Soleil, and I must say, I was impressed. Very good show. I didn’t care much for the imagery, and any semblance of a story that they pretended to have. But the acrobatics were very cool. Definitely worth checking out for anyone who hasn’t seen them before.

Ugh… need to do 9.5 hours today to finish my 40 for the week. And it’s only been 0.5 so far. Help me…

Who knew?

January 19, 2006

Apparently, the San Jose Arena (or HP Pavilion) is one of the top halls in the country. Ranked number 3 in the US, and number 7 in the world. Don’t believe me? Check this .

You know, one of the worst things about waiting for something is the actual waiting. It’s like when you apply for college. You’ve sent everything in, and you know you’ll get a decision eventually, but till then you gotta wait. They don’t have a timer that counts down to the exact decision time. They don’t give you warning messages when there are only a couple of days to go. They just make you wait. ;And there’s nothing you can do afterwards ;to speed them up or improve your chances. ;It’s even worse if you’re applying for a new job. At least colleges send you a polite rejection letter. Companies just say they’ll keep your resume in the database and contact you if something comes up. Bleh. I hate waiting when I don’t know how long I’ll be waiting for.

30 minutes or 3 days?

January 17, 2006

So, I’m helping this guy Monte at work with this one task. He’s telling me this morning what I’m going to be doing. Basically, I need to read through a technical document and look for information on specific commands and responses. The problem is, I don’t know where in the document to find this information, and even if I do find it, which commands are relevant and which aren’t. Even bigger problem is, Monte’s not too sure either, which is why he’s been stuck on this task for a while. So I tell him, “Why don’t we just go talk to the ;engineer who wrote this document in the first place, and ask her to highlight the sections that contain the information we want?”

So, we go over to the other building where she sits. I print out the Table of Contents for the document, so she can just put a check mark against the relevant sections, while Monte is talking to someone else. I don’t know how long it’s gonna be, so Monte says he’ll just see me when I get back. I head over to the gal’s desk and in ;three minutes, she marks the sections to look at. I thank her and head back to my building. The total process took about half an hour, and that includes the walking between the buildings, printing out the Table of Contents twice (once on the wrong printer) and actually sitting down with her. Contrast this with the days (yes, days ) it would have taken for us to figure it out ourselves, and we’d probably have to ask her for help anyway.

Seriously, does no one use common sense any more?

Russell is really funny, and Jack is back!

January 17, 2006

Russell Peters is a very funny guy. I’m sure most of you have seen his video already. Anyway, several people who’ve seen him perform live said he wasn’t that funny, and that he re-used a lot of the material from his TV show. Well, of course he did! Comedians don’t come up with new material every 2 months. It takes them a couple of years to write a whole new 90 minute routine. Even the most prolific comics, like George Carlin, take a couple of years between shows to write new stuff. And given that ;Russell’s video is barely a year old, I’m not surprised that he uses the same jokes. He just hasn’t had time to write new ones. So people said he sucks. But those same people ;still love watching the video again and again, even today. Go figure.

Anyway, I saw him live on Saturday, and he rocked the house! All new material (take that, you comedy philistines!) Of course, the theme was the same; he primarily talked about race and perceptions about race. That seems to be his niche, and he handles it well. Plus, as a bonus, it turns out they were filming his live DVD that night, and were also gonna use the footage for his Comedy Central special. I might actually get that DVD. And I recommend you get it too. Trust me, he was on that night.

Also, 24 started Season 5 last night, and all I can say is…


Now, I understand that some of you might not have seen the show yet, so I’m warning you right now, the rest of this post is a spoiler. Don’t read ahead if you want it to remain a surprise. If you do read it by accident, don’t blame me. To make it easier, I’ll make the text red.

Spoilers begin:

I can’t believe they killed off President Palmer, and that too in the first five minutes of Episode 1! That was the ;first “Holy Shit” moment. The second one was when they killed Michelle Dessler (and critically wounded Tony Almeida) ten minutes later. I mean, I realise they had to come up with a compelling reason to make Bauer come out of the dark, but did they have to take out three of the most popular characters? All I can say is, I don’t think Jack’s been this pissed since Season 1 when ;the bad guys ;kidnapped Kim. I mean, ;when he found out that the bad guy he ;wounded had assassinated Palmer, I thought he was just going to let him bleed to death there. Nope. ;He executed him. ; ;This time, it’s personal and he’s really gonna make them pay. And I for one can not wait. I just hope they don’t try to get too cute and actually off Jack, because the show will not survive without him. ;Kiefer Sutherland ; is 24, and the show will not work otherwise.

How To Kill Time?

January 14, 2006

It’s currently 12:20pm. I need to be here till about 4:30pm-ish. Here’s the catch – I have abso-fucking-lutely nothing to do. Seriously, nothing. It wouldn’t be too bad if I could just surf the web for ;four hours, but that’s not really an option given that I’d have to use ;community machines and everyone would see me surfing the web and wondering why the hell I’m not actually working. And I don’t think it’d be appropriate to put a sign on my back saying, “I’m not working because I don’t have any work. But I had to come in because I’m not using my precious vacation time just because you assholes can’t keep me meaningfully occupied!!” Or something like that.

So I stayed up till nearly 3am watching cricket last night, and it was one of the most depressing days of cricket I have ever seen. India were just dreadful. It wasn’t completely their fault, because Pakistan won the toss and decided to bat first on a pitch that had nothing for the bowlers. But India didn’t make it any easier on themselves by only including 4 regular bowlers, with Sourav Ganguly ( ) as the first change pace bowler. ;And of the two regular pace bowlers, one of them (Ajit Agarkar) decided to send his evil twin brother today. You know, the one who can’t really play… I shudder to think of what kind of score Pakistan is gonna rack up. And given that the pitch was starting to turn within the first two hours of Day 1 , I really don’t want to see India batting last. We have come back from worse situations to win before, but not too often. Let’s see if lightning can indeed strike twice.

p.s. Unless Ganguly is willing to open the innings, and lights the Gaddafi stadium on fire with his strokeplay, I say we dump his sorry ass once and for all. I’m tired of all the political bullshit of whether he should play or not.

Mmmm, cricket…

January 13, 2006

Signed up for the webcast of India’s tour of Pakistan. 3 test matches, 5 one day matches. I’m not gonna get much sleep for the next few weeks.

In other news, my bathroom ceiling started leaking a couple of days ago. I saw some black spots, and when I tried to scratch at them, my finger went clean through the ceiling. It’s been fixed, but it was still somewhat annoying.

There’s other interesting stuff happening as well, but I’ll save that for when things get finalised. Suffice to say, if everything goes well, I might be postponing business school for a while longer.

Unintentional humour

January 3, 2006

By request, my review of the movie Syriana:

[18:00] Ardafif: it was aight
[18:00] Ardafif: a lot of intermingling storylines that don’t really get to the point, nor do they come together for a satisfying resolution
[18:00] Ardafif: at the end, i’m thinking, “what the fuck just happened?”

Another Day, Another Year

January 2, 2006

2006 is upon us already. Seems like just yesterday I was dancing on top of a bar in Bombay to ring in 2005. ;Let’s see what the New Year holds in store for us.

Ended up going out with Hemal and his friends. It was an … interesting evening. After some pre-partying at our place, we all went out to Buddha Lounge. While I was at the bar trying to get some water, Hemal comes up to me and asks me if I was hitting on Komal.
Komal? Who’s Komal?
Apparently you hit on her out on the dance floor.
I don’t even know who Komal is.
Komal’s the one wearing…
Ok, I don’t care who Komal is. I definitely wasn’t hitting on her.
Ok dude. Just checking.

Apparently, I got a bit excited when the DJ put on “Billie Jean”, and I guess I swung my arms a little more vigorously than usual. ; ;I did remember noticing that one of Hemal’s female friends was looking at me rather oddly. I guess ;that was Komal. Oh well… *shrugs*

As for my resolutions, here they are:
1) I will not waste my free time anymore. I will be more proactive in the use of my recreational time. In other words, I’m gonna do my damnedest to finish up that DVD, TV show and PC game backlog ASAP. And I’m gonna stop napping during the day on weekends. That time would be much better spent shooting zombies and Nazis.
2) For one year, I will stop putting myself in situations where I leave myself vulnerable. For one year, I will attempt to take back control. This, obviously, will be the harder one. I’ve already got one friend telling me I can’t do it. Let’s see if I can’t prove the doubters wrong.