A busy few days

I gotta admit, Sea World was a lot of fun. Yes, I went by myself. And yes, I would probably have had more fun if I’d gone with people instead of by myself. But I’m glad I did it. Don’t know if I’d want to do it again, but it was a positive experience. The funniest ;aspect of ;the whole ;trip was people’s reactions when I told them I was by myself:
So, who’re you going with?
Just me.

My biggest regret was that I didn’t leave earlier on Saturday, so I missed getting to the beach by sunset. But it was pretty hazy, so I wouldn’t have seen much anyway. As for the park itself, it was really fascinating. My favourite part was, obviously, the Dolphin Interaction Program. Took a cool photo of me hugging the dolphin. I seem to have this odd look in my eyes, almost like a wild gleam. ;Guess it was just weird putting my arms around a living creature that felt like wet rubber. The shows were fun too, with all the performing animals. The only problem was that the scheduling for the shows made it impossible to look at all the animal exhibits in one day. Maybe a return visit?

I actually did make it to a beach as I was driving out. Figured I was there, so why not? Turns out it was a dog beach, so I had to careful where I was stepping on the sand. ;It was cool to see all the people playing with their dogs, though.

Also saw two movies while I was there, and two more since I’ve been back. Here are some capsule reviews:
King Kong: Go see this movie. Seriously. It’s got stuff for everyone. For the guys, there’s the amazing special effects and the fight sequences. For the women, there’s the love story. Because basically, the relationship between Kong and the woman is the crux of the film, and my personal favourite part of the film. They really did an amazing job of conveying emotion on Kong’s face, and in his eyes. ;The guy who performed the motion capture acting for the gorilla was Andy Serkis (he also did the same thing for Gollum in Lord ;Of The Rings. ;I honestly think they should consider nominating him for an Oscar. Oh, and I want to marry Naomi Watts. So beautiful…
Munich: Eh. It wasn’t bad, but nothing to write home about. ;Spielberg was trying too hard to make it a “thought-provoking political drama”, and it got to a stage where I’m thinking, What’s the point of all this? Plus, even though it was 30 min shorter than Kong, it felt like an hour longer.
Sideways: Good movie. Maybe a little over-hyped, but it was really sweet. A little pseudo-intellectual, but still sweet. Then again, it might just have been that the writers wanted the characters to seem pseudo-intellectual. Either way, a good film. And the commentary track with the two lead actors was pretty funny.
Harry Potter 4: Better than I thought it would be. They obviously made a lot of cuts and changes, but they made sense to me. Of course, I haven’t finished the book yet (only 150 pages in), but I think there’s enough stuff they cut out that I’ll still enjoy it. I did get the feeling from time to time that the main three child actors didn’t necessarily get the emotions right with the performances, especially Hermione. She didn’t seem as natural as in the previous films. Almost like she was trying to act. Of course, Ron is still my favourite. I personally think he’s got the brightest future of all of them.

And I have two New Year’s Resolutions planned for next year. More details on those later.

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  1. DknyBunny Says:

    there are no good movies out right now… maybe “R umor has it?” hmmm… . ;

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