Ten years ago today…

It’s amazing to think that it’s already been ten years since that night, especially when I consider ;its continuing ripple effects on my life since then. And it’s a very interesting coincidence that, exactly one decade after my life was forever changed, I’m about to set in motion events that will change my life again. Tomorrow, I take the GMAT. Tomorrow, I start things anew.

I’m excited.

In other news, I decided to finally get off my ass, stop being miserable about having ;a sucky winter break, and actually do something about it. Sooo… I’m going to see Shamu ! I’m driving down on Saturday, playing with dolphins ;on Sunday, and driving back on Monday. Yes, I’m going by myself. And yes, I’m ok with that. ;I still don’t know what I’m doing for New Year’s, but this is an option.

Had a nice dream last night. Very affectionate, if a little surprising. Hell, even in my dream, I was taken aback.

Oh, and this is a very nice picture of me taken when Nishma was visiting. I think I found my new biodata pic.

One Response to “Ten years ago today…”

  1. DknyBunny Says:

    …i have a GREAT IDEA for you, and where you can post that pic…

    On the next JAINA convention “Jain Networking Forum” (JNF) booklet… what a great cover page it will be. ; Should I start making it for you, and then you can market the activities??

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