Why can’t all weekends be this nice?

On Friday night, a bunch of us went out to the Suede Club in SF. The place must have been 75% East Asian. It could have been worse, I guess. It could have been a desi party.

Spent Saturday hanging out with Rakhi and friends, helping her pack and such. After seeing her off at the airport, I saw Jeff Dunham . If you haven’t seen this guy perform before and you have a chance, go. I promise, you won’t regret it.

Sunday was a good day. First, India recovered from a poor start to dominate their game against Sri Lanka. Then I saw a rainbow amidst the rain while driving to GMAT class. Then I got a 770 on the practice test. Then I took a nap at home and did some GMAT homework. Nothing exceptional, but just a good, productive day. ;Of course, the highlight was when I picked this up from the leasing office. I’ve heard one of the three CDs so far, and it’s been amazing ! I just wish I had a DVD-Audio system in my car…

There’s other stuff ;I ;feel like ;ranting about, but I think I’ll pass for now. See if it’s still bothering me tomorrow.

And in other news, I succumbed to the siren call of Netflix. I just couldn’t stay away anymore. Renewed my membership this morning. I’m weak.


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