I asked for a do-over, but I did it in an unobtrusive way (at least, as far as I’m concerned) and without making the situation worse (I think). Now we find out if there’s still a game. Either way, the ball is officially not in my court anymore.

One of the recent events that I wanted to blog about was my registration for the San Jose Rock ‘n Roll Marathon next October. I decided to register early as a way of getting my ass into gear when the time rolls around. When I actually start ; the official “Half Marathon Training Regimen”, I’ll try to keep near daily blogs on how it’s going. Of course, my ultimate goal is to try to work my way up to a full marathon. The way I have it tentatively scheduled, the half marathon can be part of my training for a full marathon in early December. To that end, I have two options:
1) Sacramento : Very highly rated marathon. Especially good for marathoning newbies. Plus, it’s close by, so I can ask/convince/threaten some friends to show up for moral support if need be. It’ll also be a lot cheaper, since I can drive there the day before, crash at a motel, and drive back the night of.
2) Honolulu : This would be a harder marathon ;to run, especially because of the tropical weather. Also, I’d have to pay for airfare and hotel for at least 3 nights, and I’d have to go by myself. The upside is, it’s Hawai’i!

Neither of them have even opened registration for 2006 yet, so I still got plenty of time to decide. I’m leaning towards Sac myself, if only because it’s more convenient, and I don’t want to go to Hawai’i by myself.


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