Fine, fine… I’ll stop being an attention whore!

The two people I named in my last post as reading my blog both commented to confirm that yes, they do indeed read my blog. Fine. I was kinda missing this thing anyway. Had some things I wanted to write about, but first, something that came to mind this morning. Be warned, I’m going to talk about this subject using cricket as an analogy. However, the comparison will be tangential, and no prior knowledge is required. You just need to know that it’s a bad thing for a batsman (aka batter) to get out.

As a child, when I played cricket with my friends, we used a concept known as the “Trial Ball”. Basically, the first ball didn’t count. It wasn’t mandatory, but there was no harm in it, so people never complained when someone wanted to start out with a Trial Ball. If you played well on that first ball, you took it as a confidence booster. And if you played poorly on that ball, you shrugged your shoulders and treated it as a warning. No big deal. The thing is, you had to call the ball a Trial Ball before it actually happened.

The problem arises when no one asks for a trial ball. The first ball is delivered, and something goes wrong for a player. For example, the batsman gets out. That’s when he asks for the ball to be treated as a Trial Ball, after the fact. In other words, he’d like a do-over, maybe because he did something stupid and wants a second chance. Unfortunately, the odds of him getting that second chance are slim to none. Still, he’s gotta try, right?

The reason this analogy came to mind is because I recently “played a ball” very poorly, and I am wondering whether or not to ask for it to be a Trial Ball. In other words, I’d like a do-over, because I definitely did something stupid and want a second chance. The risk here, however, is rather great. Here are the possible outcomes:
1) The game might still be on, and if I ask for a do-over, I might just get it. Obviously, there’s no guarantee I won’t fuck up again, but at least I got a second chance to try. This is the good outcome.
2) The game might still be on, but is in a very delicate phase. Asking for a do-over would just make things worse and definitely end the game. This is the bad outcome.
3) The game has ended. Asking for a do-over is pointless. I should just pack up my gear and go home. This is the default outcome.

So, what do I do? And yes, I know I analyse these things too much. *sigh*

Aren’t you glad I’m back?


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