I shoulda stayed home…

The NErF dinner last night wasn’t terribly exciting. Rakhi wasn’t feeling well, so I ended up swinging solo again. But I had considerably less fun this time than at the gala last week. The “contact” that I thought I made last week? Yeah, I think that might have been wishful thinking more than anything else. ;Anyway, the “entertainment” was quite underwhelming, and there was significantly less contact among the attendees. One of the events that I enjoyed the most last year was when they randomly reassigned people to different tables, and played games so that the new table-mates were forced to get to know each other a little better. Nothing like that happened this time, and the whole thing turned out to quite a drag. Of course, it didn’t help that I couldn’t find a place to sit next to anyone I knew. The whole event reminded me a little too much of my time in college. ;I really need to get better at this whole “clique”-joining thing.


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