My Bijku…

Funny thing happened today. Gautam and Bijal are two of my oldest friends. We’ve been buddies since the beginning of high school (or the Indian equivalent, anyway). In fact, I’d like to think that I had some part to play in their getting together as a couple, as well as their staying together for almost 8 years. Anyway, for my trip next week to the East Coast, I told Gautam that I’d be visiting him in Stamford for the weekend prior. I finalised my itinerary with ;him last night. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Bijal (who’s in Columbus, OH) about my trip.

This morning, while I’m shaving, Bijal calls me up. First, she calls me an idiot a few times for not telling her I was coming, then tells me what flights are available for coming into New York. She’s trying to figure out what flight to take, so that she can meet up with me this weekend. It just felt… nice. I knew that any anger she might have felt was ;quickly ;dispelled ;by the fact that she knows how stupid I can be, and it is never deliberate, and the best course of action is to ignore me and continue to do the right thing anyway. I don’t need to worry about ;her being mad at me, or wonder if this is going to hurt our friendship. ;She might kick my ass when we meet, but I know for a fact she won’t hold it against me, because she knows I wasn’t trying to avoid her. I just forgot. Which I tend to do a lot, by the way.

Of course, it helps that we have a huge (and I mean HUGE ) amount of history together as friends. I know it would be an unfair comparison to expect that kind of bond with all my friends. It’s just good to know that I have at least two ;people who will be there for me no matter how much I screw up. I can take them for granted, because I know that they take me for granted. And if you’ve ever had friends like these, you know exactly what I mean. ;They’re not the only ones, to be sure, but they’re the oldest and will always be the most important.


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