Yet More Temptation

A long time ago (and I’m talking years here), I used to be a voracious reader. I only stuck to a few typical genres (thrillers, sci-fi, Hardy Boys, etc), but I read as much and as often as I could. In fact, ;I read my first two novels when I was ten: ;Man On Fire (yes, the book that Denzel’s movie was based on), and If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon (definitely not a book a 10 year old should read). But that’s really dropped off in recent years, to the point that it’s been over a year since I finished my last book. However, that hasn’t diminished my desire to acquire new books. Anyway, I bring this up because I am sorely tempted to sign on to this website . The main reason why I don’t is because I have too many books to read at home already, and I’ll feel really guilty about not finishing those first. But I bought Sayani a gift membership for her birthday, and she really likes the service, so I will definitely give it a try. I think I better rediscover my knack for reading though. I mean, in my heyday, I used to read a Hardy Boys book in under 3 hours. That might not sound very fast, but given that I’ve been stuck on ;the third Lord Of The Rings book ;for ;the last ;two years…


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