I’m not a counsellor anymore!

So there’s this guy at work in the cube next to me. Nice enough fellow, we chat every other day about computers and Alias . But of late, he’s been sharing details about his personal life that strike me as a bit… unnecessary.

Last week, we were chatting about Thanksgiving Break, and he mentioned that his wife had accidentally cleaned his autographed Dilbert mug. You could still make out Scott Adam’s signature, but it was faded out quite a bit. And he kept repeating how stupid his wife was and what a stupid thing she did. I can understand why he might be upset, but the guy went on for 5 minutes. It seemed a tad excessive, but I’m thinking, “he must have really liked that mug.”

However, there was more to come. Earlier today, he was telling me about how he’s going to Disneyland next week with his family (wife and 2 . 5 year old kid). We were talking about when would be a good time for him to drive down, and he mentioned that he could go down and see his parents, since they have never seen his son. And before I have a chance to wonder why grandparents have never seen their grandson, he tells me that he had a falling out with his mom some years ago after he accused her of rummaging through his wife’s purse. He then proceeded to call his mom a “bad person”, and that she was malicious and mean, and had always been so, and he had no respect for her. Things have kinda softened since then; he recently found out she has Alzheimer’s, and he said that at least now she was too incompetent to be as “evil” as she used to be.

I gotta tell you, I pretty much kept my mouth shut during that entire story, and steered the conversation over to Alias as soon as possible. That was just a little too much information, even for me. I don’t know what kinda childhood the guy musta had, but even someone as obtuse as me can see this guy had some serious issues with Mommy. Yikes!!


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