Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

One thing I don’t like about blogs is that a lot of my best ideas for posts come when I’m nowhere near a computer. And by the time I actually get home, the idea has either fizzled away, or I’m no longer as motivated to write about it. Bah!

Friday night was the Mexican pseudo-potluck (bring your own ingredients), and it was a lot of fun. Vikram brought his PS2, dance mat and a copy of Dance Dance Revolution 2. For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, this is one of those dancing games that you see in the arcades, where people are jumping on the pads to go with the beat. I must say though, it’s a lot harder at home than it is in the arcades.

On Saturday night, I was supposed to go to a desi party in downtown Sunnyvale, but I ended up playing computer games with Sameer at his place, which was probably a good decision given my non-proclivity towards desi parties. First, I watched him play some Warcraft 3 online. Turns out, he’s pretty decent . Then we played Civilization 4, as separate yet friendly civilizations. We were actually playing pretty poorly, but it was a good learning experience.

Last night, I think I actually saw the girl of my dreams in my… err… dreams. It wasn’t anyone I recognised, thankfully. I think my imagination might have created her face taking elements from girls in the past who I’ve been interested in or cared for. But I must say… she was very pretty.


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