Me and my big mouth

So, last night was the party, and I actually had a fair amount of fun. After dinner, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stay, since I didn’t really have anyone to dance with and I couldn’t find anyone I knew. But, I was looking pretty sharp. In fact, I got that exact compliment from two different guys, both of them heterosexual and married. So I know it’s gotta be true, because straight guys don’t compliment other straight guys without good reason. Anyway, I figured I’d wait it out, and I ended up dancing with a few people. In fact, I made a potential new contact as well. I’ve seen her around the gym a lot and always thought she was cute. Now I have a reason to stop her and say hi.

In other news… I think I have some modified version of Tourette syndrome . I don’t have any vocal tics, and I don’t randomly start cursing, but for some reason I ;find myself ;saying the most random and inappropriate ;things, and for no real reason at all. ;It’s most frustrating when it happens ;during one of these two situations:
1) I’m talking to a girl, and things are going well.
2) I’m talking to a girl, and things are not going well.

It happens other times as well, and I tell people that it’s a brain fart on my end, but I’m starting to wonder if that’s really true, or if I just suffer from some incurable condition that leaves me incapable of behaving normally around other people. It happened again this morning, and I was just left in awe at the ;seeming naturalness of my own stupidity. Not too long ago, Nishma gave me a good piece of advice to deal with this:
The next time you want to do or say something… don’t.
The problem is ;that I say or do something before I have the time to stop and think about it. It’s almost like a reflex action, but with one key difference. Most reflex actions are driven by the innate need for self-preservation. I have no idea what’s ;causing this…

Ah well…


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