continued from last time…

Thanksgiving dinner was a lot of fun. Had some good Malay-Singaporean food. On Friday, picked Nishma up from her cousin’s place, then made it to the San Francisco Symphony performing Handel’s Messiah . Fortunately, it was only 5 miles from my place, so we had just enough time to get changed and ready to go. ;Literally made it into the hall with seconds to spare. We had to sit in different seats in the beginning, since ours were in the middle of the row. When they took a break about 20 minutes in, we made our way inside, since other ;latecomers were being seated as well. But as soon as we sat down, the symphony started up, meaning they were waiting on us. Rest assured, we behaved the rest of the night (except for Nishma repeatedly singing along, and nudging me going, “I sang this part in high school too!. *sigh*) After that, we were going out clubbing. Those plans changed to bowling. That plan changed to Cranium at Priyanshu’s place. And truth be told, that was the most fun thing we could have done anyway. It was a close game, too.

On Saturday, the three of us (Nishma, Priyanshu and I) went to the Mystery Spot , and it was cool. My second visit, but it was still fun. After getting some food, we went to the Outlet Malls at Gilroy. As soon as we turned into the mall, and Nishma saw how many stores there were, it was like putting a kid in a candy store. Her eyes literally lit up, and she didn’t know where to go first. ;We did some shopping, then made it to Chevy’s for dinner. Chilled at Priyanshu’s for a bit, then home. On Sunday, Nishma, Shilpi and I hung out in SF. Specifically, Ghirardelli Square, then we took the cable car to Union Square where we bought some clothes at the new H&M store. Very nice stuff, I’m gonna need to go there again. Got back home and talked a bit, before going to sleep before a very early morning.

My week since then has been quite packed. Monday was chill. Tuesday, I made it to a panel discussion at the Tech Museum about video game ethics. And yes, it was more interesting than it seems. ;Last night, I was invited to a Warriors-Kings game at the Coliseum, and it was actually a lot of fun. The game was actually good this time, and we had really good seats. I think basketball is the one American sport I’d actually enjoy watching live, if only because I can get seats close enough to see what the hell is going on. Tonight is the Mission Success Gala for work (the words Christmas/Holiday Party are not PC. ). I was going to have a date, but circumstances conspired against it. It’s ok, she had a good reason. It should still be fun, though. And tomorrow night is dinner at Ajesh’s place. Mexican pseudo-potluck. We’re all bringing individual ingredients, as opposed to individual dishes. Guess who’s in charge of the margaritas? ;I’ve been invited to a puja of sorts at a family friend’s place on Saturday, but I may have GMAT class and might have to cancel. Let’s see. But, on the whole, busy busy times. And I think I’m gonna stay busy for the next couple of weeks. Details to follow soon…

And as far as other ;recent events ;go, they just reinforced an opinion I’ve had for a while now. No matter how much pressure my parents put on me, I am NOT going to rush this whole marriage thing. The last thing I want is for it to be a situation where I throw up my hands and go, “Fine! Whatever you want!” In the end, no matter how enthusiastic they might be, this is my life, and it has to be my decision, not theirs. And if they don’t understand that, then I’ll have to keep reminding them. I might love my mom, but I’ll be damned if I make a hasty decision about my life ;just to stop her nagging.

Of course, I fully realise that a few more years of being single could change my mindset completely, but I’d rather not look that far ahead.

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