Another eventful couple of days:

Friday: Had a great lunch with Sandra, and we talked about a lot of stuff, and she was giving me some good advice. The one that resonated with me the most was actually related to something that she had heard me say once. She’d accompanied me once when I’d gone to a school and talked to the kids about the usefulness of learning math. I’d told them about how, when I was growing up, when I’d gotten 97 in a math test, my dad would always ask about the remaining 3 points. Sandra pointed out to me that I was doing the same thing to myself in terms of my own life. I was focussing too much on the few errors, and not enough on what I had gotten right. Fair enough. Also had a good chat with Rakhi, and was reminded that some things just aren’t worth worrying about so much. If I keep stressing about stuff, I’ll keep screwing up. Also makes sense. And finally, I heard from my dad. He’s finally selling the company, albeit only half of it. But he’s essentially cashed out (finally!). Now it’s a matter of following it through. Should be an interesting few years, since he’s broached the subject of us doing something new together. Let’s see where that goes. I also got my hair done again.

Saturday: Pintu’s bachelor party. We started out by going to a shooting range up in San Rafael. It was a blast (no pun intended)! Everyone was having fun with the .22 and 9mm weapons. Then Pintu, all on his own, decided to go and get a .44 Magnum . (The link might not show the exact same gun we used, but it’s close enough). This is the Dirty Harry gun Clint Eastwood used in his movies. It’s basically a hand cannon. And while not the most powerful handgun in the world, it certainly feels like it. Everyone got to try a few shots, and everyone was in awe. You could feel the gunshot from 3 feet away. Not just hear, but feel . The vibrations, and the wind blast. Amazing stuff. Pintu got to fire the last few rounds, and he had such a look of utter bliss on his face… at that point in time, I don’t think I would have wanted to ask him to choose between that gun and his fiancee.

After getting some food and checking into our hotel, we partied it up in our room and got quite a bit inebriated, before making our way over to Columbus and Broadway. We eventually went inside The Velvet Lounge, where we danced till closing time. Must have been an interesting sight, with 9 guys dancing together on the dance floor. ;Regardless, it was fun. After getting some cardboard-like pizza, we went over to the one remaining adult establishment in the area, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club. We were there for over an hour, and a good time was had by one and all, some more than others. Of particular note was the groom, who was finding it difficult to keep his eyes open, despite sitting right next to the ;stage area. He even fell asleep during many of the performances, and more than one dancer noticed it. ;Eventually, everyone made their way to the hotel, and we had some more fun when we got back, especially at the expense of one of our party, who’d managed to hook up with a girl who we’d met at the Velvet Lounge earlier. Oy…

Sunday: After we checked out of the hotel, we went over to Crepevine, a breakfast place on Irving. Food was decent, and after we squared away the financial details of the weekend (i.e. who owed what to whom), we went back to the South Bay, after a weekend that a lot of us won’t forget for a while to come.


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