Seriously, let’s see how much worse this can get…

A few weeks ago, Sony made a very poor business decision. On a lot of their new music CDs, they included a piece of software called a rootkit . This software automatically installs itself on your machine when you play the CD. This article here best describes the situation. Go ahead and read it, I’ll wait.

Back? Good. So hopefully, you see the problem. Now, here’s my favourite part. Every piece of software that is installed on your computer comes with an End Users License Agreement (EULA). It’s basically the legal document that you need to agree to before you can use the software. Check out the EULA for these particular Sony music CDs.

God. Damn. And THIS was the most troublesome quote of all. I really hope someone nails those arrogant fuckers. I know I won’t be buying any Sony products for a while.

Oh, and I decided to give in and buy the CD set anyway. I want my LOTR music fix now. And yes Nishma, I’m a huge nerd. Get over it.


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