If there’s one thing I’ve realised about myself (and it was reinforced this past week), I am now officially a full-fledged drama queen. No, it’s not something I’m proud of, and I really gotta chill the fuck out. For my own sake, and everyone else’s. I mean, seriously… let’s just hope some things can still be salvaged, but even if not, I just gotta calm down. Maybe I should start meditating or something.

Family ;was here this past weekend. My room is cleaner than it’s been since I moved in to the place. ;We went to Napa Valley on Saturday (the Beringer Estates ), and I got myself 7 bottles of wine for $50. ;I also learned that, even though a satellite navigation system is an awesome feature to have in a car, it’s not very helpful if the driver doesn’t display a certain amount of common sense. For example, blindly following the system when the road signs point in another direction. Both routes will work, but one goes straight home, and the other goes through a toll bridge with lots of traffic.

Sunday, dad and Roshni went through a whole rigamarole with their flight. It got cancelled, and they were put on a Continental flight out of SFO that arrived at 6am. Roshni had work at 7am though, so they originally offered her a first class seat on a flight that would arrive at 3:30a. Unfortunately, there was only one seat left on that flight, and there was only one car at the airport, so dad would have been stranded when he arrived. While we were waiting for the rescheduled flight, we went to Santana Row for dinner, and after an inordinate amount of fuss as to where we should eat, we settled on a Mexican bistro . You wouldn’t believe how ;pissy Roshni was being about the place. ;Being a ;Mexican bistro, they only served authentic, home-style ;Mexican food. No Tex-Mex. ;And for a girl living in Houston, Mexican food without enchiladas was like an ;Irish pub with no beer. We eventually settled on some ;stuff (after clarifying what was vegetarian), and when the ;food arrived, it was good ! So good in fact, that Roshni ordered a second entree. ;

On Monday, mom and I went to see a movie. I shit you not, she wanted to go see ; Saw II . ;But I wussed out, with the excuse that it wouldn’t end in time, and I had to go to work early. I asked if she wanted to see Chicken Little , but she doesn’t watch cartoons. ;Eventually, we settled on Flightplan . Not bad, actually. Good timepass.

As for this past week… oy vey. Someone seriously needs to start smacking me upside the head everytime I open my mouth.


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