Been a busy week, again. That always seems to happen just when I’m feeling lazy about blogging. Go figure… anyway, I need to give Kalpesh some bathroom reading material, so let’s get started.

Friday night was Sandra’s birthday/costume party. Going by ;Nishma’s suggestion (which I loved immediately), I decided to go as a Paid Individual Managing Pulchritude .

Don’t worry, I’ll wait here till you figure it out…

Got it? Good. The costume was pretty good, too. Purple trenchcoat (or robe). Purple pants that were tight on the thighs, and ;flared out at the bottoms. Purple shoes. And all topped off with a purple and white hat with a big black feather. And my own personal touch… my shiny black pseudo-polyester party shirt. I was definitely working it that night. ;Turns out, I was one of three guys with the same costume idea. And we were all the same colour too. ;Still, I got plenty of compliments, so it’s all good. Probably the most annoying thing about it was that everytime I bent over or squatted, the costume would slide down my butt. There’s a reason why I kept the robe on all night. ;Pictures will be posted shortly. Rakhi was there too, dressed up like a fairy queen, with wings and a wand. Very cute.

On top of everything else, I was the bartender. The popular drink of choice? Sex on the Beach. Or at least, my version of it:
1 shot vodka (we used Skyy)
1/2 shot Peach Schnapps
orange juice
a dash of grenadine

Most interesting moment? Wonder Woman comes up for her second drink. She asks if I do this thing (bartending) often. I tell her that I thought about it, but was too lazy to give up my weekends. Maybe sometime in the future. She goes,
“Well, I’d definitely buy a drink if the bartender looked like you.”
My response?
“Ummm… yeah, I wouldn’t mind being hired as eye candy…” .
Then I noticed the look on her face. She had a weird kind of smile, and a rather unusual gleam in her eye. I honestly believe she was hitting on me, or at least flirting. Oh, and she looked to be in her mid-thirties. So, a little later, I ask Sandra,
“Who’s Wonder Woman?”
“Oh, that’s… Kevin B’s wife. He’s dressed as Batman.”
(name shortened for privacy)
“Wha-wha-whaat? I think she just hit on me.”
Sandra looked at me like I was crazy, and I didn’t bring it up again, but still… that was ooky.

Best costume? Randall, who dressed up as a birthday cake. He literally was walking around with a cardboard cake around his waist, hanging from suspenders on his shoulders. It’ll make more sense if I show you a picture, but rest assured, I thought it was great.

In other news, the unthinkable has happened. It was a hard decision to make, but it needed to be done. And I can take some solace in the fact that it is reversible, albeit with some initial pain.

I cancelled my Netflix account.

I realised I just have too many things to do at home in my spare time. I have my ;TV shows to catch up on, my 30+ unplayed games to finish, and 20+ books to read (including Harry Potter 4 before the movie releases). To watch DVDs on top of that was just too much. No reason to fret, though. I saved my queue (483 titles!! ) to a Word document, and I’ll rejoin sometime early next year, after I finish the GMAT and have more spare time on my hands. Think of this as a temporary hiatus. Besides, at least I finished Dragonball.


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