Been an eventful couple of weeks since the last update. Went to Houston, hung out with Shorty ( ), and had an ultimately pointless lunch. I also restarted my workout program, and proceeded to lose 6 lbs in 6 days. And that period includes my weekend in Houston where I was eating a lot of crap. Anyway, let’s start the countdown again, just like earlier in the year.

Goal: 180 lbs by Dec 31st.

Fri, Oct 21: 194 lbs.

I saw Doom on Saturday, and I gotta say, it wasn’t bad. Wasn’t a classic by any means, and I don’t think I’ll ever want to see it again, but it was aight. Timepass, as we say. Also, I’m almost done with Dragonball. After over 20 DVDs, I’m almost at the last saga. I should have the last DVDs at home this coming weekend. It’ll be kind of a relief. After I finish that, I’m going to devote my spare time to finishing the fourth Harry Potter book, to prep for the movie. When I’m not playing games, that is.

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