So Friendster has this new feature where you can see who’s looked at your profile. It seemed pretty neat, until I realised that now people could see if I had looked at their profile. Hmmm…

Serenity was a good movie. It’s even more enjoyable if you’re a fan of the original show, but the movie still stands on its own. Good stuff. I’m gonna see Wallace and Gromit tonight, now that I’ve seen their shorts. Let’s see if the movie lives up to that standard.

Today was the company picnic on the softball fields. I had been drafted for one of the volleyball teams. Our group had 3 teams, so we played one set against each of them. We lost the first game 15-2 (after being up 2-1), but did marginally better in the second game, losing 15-6. Then ;our team ;split into two teams of 3 and played for fun, and we actually started playing better. If we’d played like that during the actual tournament, we mighta had a chance. Ah well…


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