I personally do not believe in creationism. And I find the “Intelligent Design” theory to be a little too convenient an explanation to satisfy my scientific bent. What use is a theory that can’t be tested? So it’s with no small amount of interest that I’m following the ongoing trial in Dover, PA about the school board’s decision to make schools tell their students about the alternatives to evolution for explaining the existence of life on Earth. In relation to that, I found the following article on IMDb quite amusing. By the way, March Of The Penguins is a *great* date movie.

‘Penguins’ Cools Off

For the first time in 10 weeks, the Warner Bros. Classics documentary March of the Penguins fell out of the top ten, slipping to 11th place with $1,747,832. Its total gross, which now stands at $72,846,145, makes it the second-highest earner among documentaries of all time, behind only Fahrenheit 9/11. Recent reports indicated that conservative “family values” groups have been instrumental in keeping the film alive at the box office, booking large blocks of seats and asserting that the film provides proof of “intelligent design.” On the other hand London Times film writer Caitlin Moran observed last week, “To be honest, this is good news. If American Christians want to go public on the fact that they’re now morally guided by penguins, at least we know where we all stand.”


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