Been an eventful few weeks. I kept meaning to update the blog, but I kept getting too lazy to do it. ;Here’s the highlights:

1) Finally set up my new computer, as well as the 5.1 speaker system. After playing some games and watching some DVDs on it (including Band of Brothers), all I can say is… DAMN!! I’m gonna have so much fun ;with this!
2) Cancelled my trip to Houston because of Rita. Damn bitch. Fortunately, I should get complete (almost) refunds on my airline and concert tickets.
3) Started a GMAT class, going until late November, and I plan to take the GMAT sometime in late December. I was at a panel discussion yesterday where they had admissions officers from Haas (Berkeley), Stanford, Santa Clara Univ, and Wharton (Exec MBA). Some interesting points came up, and I had a good discussion with one of the other panelists, who was a Wharton alum and currently works at McKinsey. I already knew him, because we’d met during the NetIP ski trip in the beginning of the year. Defintiely need to stay in touch with him.

That’s the highlights for now. Be back with more later.


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