A few hours after I posted my last rant, I got the one thing that would have helped my mood… kinda. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a follow up, but I feel a little better now. That, plus I’m finally gonna get some work to do, after sitting on my ass for almost 2 weeks getting bored.

Finally got the chance to drive my new baby on a near empty road when I went to the airport, and it was fun indeed. I still need to get started on the selling of my old car. Should start that soon, so I’m not paying obscene amounts of insurance.

Atlanta has been fun so far. Watched Sin City on Thursday night. Good movie, but not five stars. Friday, we went to Atlanta and saw Lewis Black perform standup. I’d seen him in San Jose before, but he was even better this time. He was just ON. The food at the place kinda sucked, but that’s ok. Lewis made up for it.

Saturday, we went to Lenox Mall, one of the “upscale” malls in Atlanta. And there was some good eye candy on display. We bummed around for a bit, then went to see The 40 Year Old Virgin. Pretty good movie, and Steve Carell was really funny. Then we drove back to Macon. I drove Sara’s car, since she was feeling pretty tired. I gotta say, 103 miles went by pretty quick.

Not sure what the plans are today. We might go to the Jain temple for Mahavir Jayanti, but it’s 90 miles away. Either way, I know my weekend hasn’t been as exciting as Cupcake’s, who seems to have excitement (and boys) follow her everywhere she goes. *rolls eyes*

*edit* Five minutes after writing this post, I realised how boring it was. Sorry. Will do better next time.

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