So, Monday was an exceptional day. Let’s see:
1) The 6am arrival at the office, mentioned last time.
2) I had nothing to do, all day. Unfortunately, it’s not like I could randomly surf the web either. I literally sat bored at my desk with nothing to do for 11 hours.
3) The new rotation at work I was hoping to get into? It fell through. It seems they don’t have any open System Engineering positions.
4) I had to cancel my Thanksgiving trip to London, since Deepti probably won’t be able to stay that long. I had a $220 cancellation fee.
5) England was unable to finish Australia off in the cricket match. Damn Kangaroos escaped with a draw.

None of the above was devastating by itself, but taken together, they made for a really annoying day. However, Tuesday started off a bit better, since my new monitor arrived! And my new computer will be shipped within the next couple of days! Let the nerdiness commence!!

BTW, I finally finished the Man on Fire DVD. It was a pretty good movie. It was all the more enjoyable for me, since I read the original book back when I was 10. Fun stuff.

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