It’s been an interesting week. Woke up on Thursday the 4th, and discovered that I was unable to move my head without great pain in my neck and shoulders. Turns out, I’d strained the muscles in that area. See kids? This is what happens when you go from Couch Potato to Mr. Activity, and don’t warm-up, cool-down or stretch appropriately. The doctor prescribed Motrin and said it would get better in a few weeks, but I shouldn’t try to rush it. Sooo, on Friday night, I went to a drive-in (saw Wedding Crashers, which was pretty funny), then went dancing at the Buddha Lounge (which was lots of fun. ). Saturday night, we were celebrating Rinki’s birthday at Club Glo, where I was dancing again. Both nights, I got home at 4-ish am. Sunday, I had a Mexican brunch. Overall, a fun weekend.

Ooooohhh, and I bought something(s) on Amazon. The third volume is being released in October, so that’s when they’ll ship all 3 sets. I’m excited!! ;Nishma said I was a huge dork, and it’s a badge I wear proudly. ;I also bought two more games with the gift card Seema gave me. Thanks Sayani!!



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