India lost again… I must say though, Sri Lanka played very well to recover from the position they were in. Still, some worrying signs for the new Indian coach?

Which reminds me. I’m currently ;watching Sports Night on Netflix, and it’s a very good show. The show originally aired in 1998-2000, and one of the episodes last night ;mentioned the news of a cricketer in New Delhi taking ;all 10 wickets. Obviously, I realised they were talking about Anil Kumble. However, two things annoyed me about the episode. When one guy was asking the others what they knew about cricket, all anyone could say is “I think they drink tea”. The guy said, “there are other countries out there, you know”, and no one seemed to care. *sighs* . The other thing that annoyed me was that they got the name wrong. Instead of Anil Kumble, they called him Chauncey St. John. Yes, they called him Chauncey St. John. Now, if they’d gotten everything else wrong as well, I might not have minded so much. It could have been treated as a fictional news story. But they also mentioned that Raj Rajhans (another mistake, it should have been Moin Khan) was caught by Saurav Ganguly (a real name) in the slips. ARGH!! If you’re gonna mention it, at least make the effort to get it right.

BTW, I got a 3’4″ long, 1.25″ wide ;stick at Home Depot yesterday for my martial arts class today. Let the ass-kicking ;commence.

Lastly, it’s the birthday of one of the most beautiful women in the world. I want her. I really do.


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