Ugh, this last weekend sucked. Moving sucked. Carrying boxes up the stairs sucked (good exercise, but murder on the back). Having boxes littered all over the floor sucks (note change in tense). Whatever, I’ll deal.

Weekend wasn’t all bad, though. Friday night, I went to see a comedy show with Rakh-star (my new nickname for her… ), her roommate, and roommate’s husband. The headliner, Jake Johanssen , was funny, but not as funny as I expected. Maybe I was too tired. But the feature act (guy before the headliner), Tony Dijamco , was funnier than I expected. For $10, it was good value. We also stopped by the nearby Borders and had Harry Potter cake and Cauldron Kool-Aid. ;But the most exciting part of the evening was when I saw a sign for the Pita Pit in downtown San Jose. This was my favourite fast food place back in college. Veggie pita, with all the veggies and all the sauces except ranch and mayo. Yummy…

Parents sent me some photos of the floods back in Baroda. All I can say is… GODDAMN!! That’s a lot of water, folks. I’ll post the photos up soon, but here’s a taste:

I think that kinda speaks for itself, don’t you?


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