Another day, another dollar. Vegetated this past weekend, which was nice. Gave my car in today ;for $600 worth of repair (in addition to the $200 on Saturday), which isn’t so nice. Oh well.

That reminds me. A few posts ago, I had mentioned some exciting news at work. Well, it’s been confirmed, but it turns out not to have been terribly exciting after all. Last week, my manager pulled me into an office and told me, in a soft tone, that I was getting a 5% raise. This was separate from the usual 2% raise that the majority of the company gets in October. But he told me that several people were getting similar raises, which implies that it isn’t necessarily merit-based, at least not completely. More likely, this is an income ;adjustment to make sure that I am still being paid at (or close to) market value. In other words, they’re making sure that they’re paying me approximately the same that I’d get from another company for doing similar kinds of work. Lots of other people are getting raises too, ranging from 1%-7%. So while I don’t feel special anymore, I am certainly appreciating the extra moolah. $_$.

I’ve become a bit of a Friendster junkie this past week, after essentially ignoring it for months. I guess that’s what happens when I meet lots of new people in one place at one time. I keep logging in every few hours to see how many times my profile has been viewed. Quite sad, actually. *sigh*


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