Wow. That was certainly one hell of a convention. But first things first:

Yes, I won my bet.

Now then, what to say about this past weekend? It was physically exhausting, mentally draining, and completely exhilarating. I met a boatload of new people, and honestly can’t wait till the next convention (which I will not be involved with organisationally at all). These things truly are what you make of them, and I think I did ok.

The coolest thing was, I learned a lot about myself, both due to the things that happened to me and how I reacted to them. The ;most important things of all:
1) I now know for a fact: I am able to ;give up ;a good thing if it doesn’t feel right, or seems unfair, either to myself or to any other party involved. And no, I won’t share any details. Not on this forum, anyway. ;Suffice to say, I made a tough decision because it was for the best, not because I would benefit from it. And I was proud of myself for that.
2) I’m just naturally more attracted to girls who laugh and smile a lot, even if they’re not necessarily the best looking girls out there. And she can’t be too ditsy. I gotta see a brain there relatively early.
3) I like to help people. More specifically, I like being in a position where I can help people. Might help explain my tendency to get swept up in events like these.

My birthday itself (the 4th, for those of you who didn’t know) was uneventful. Wound down the convention, returned a bunch of stuff. The first people to wish me personally were Arpan and Chirag Shah, which was very interesting (and much appreciated). Later that evening, Pintu and Rinki treated me to food at a local taqueria. Last night (the 5th), however, was cool. Rakhi invited all the Youth Committee members to her place for dinner. I was sitting on the couch, doing my own thing, when suddenly the lights went out, and she came out of the kitchen carrying a cake. I swear to God, it was the best birthday surprise I’ve gotten since my 16th, when Dad got me that scooter. Very nicely done, and I felt great. I then promptly spilled some salsa on the walls.

Oh, and today, I got some great news at work. I wanna wait till I see it officially before I mention what it is. Rest assured, I was majorly pumped. All in all, it’s been a fascinating week, and it’s not over yet!

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