I think the key to staying updated on Xanga is by doing smaller posts more often. The drawback is that recent ones get pushed off the front page more often. My response? Deal with it. If you wanna read it, you’ll go to the next page.

I’d mentioned earlier about some of the cute girls coming to the JAINA convention. One of them had mentioned in her profile that she was a fan of 24 , so I decided to email her a couple of days ago. Nothing fancy. Just said that I wanted to say hi to a fellow 24 fanatic, and that I’d see her at the convention. I thought to myself later that it probably wasn’t the best idea in the world. Might come off as kinda desperate. Imagine my surprise when she sent a reply a few minutes ago. Just that it was nice to see a fellow fan, and she’d see me at the convention this weekend. Now, the question is, do I push my luck? Hmmm…


One Response to “29-Jun-2005”

  1. sirm Says:

    Wait to talk to her >_<!!

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