I was sitting in a cube, talking with my manager and another engineer about some stuff I needed help with. Then they started chatting about stuff, and started talking about hunting. I gotta tell ya, it was really bothering me. The other dude was telling us about a friend of his who had a full-mounted lion, and polar bear hanging in his house, and ;my manager was really impressed, and wished he could go hunting. I was sooo tempted to say something. But, I figured I’d keep my opinions to myself, unless I was asked. Thankfully, no one asked.

It’s always nice when I can find inspiration to do something. The biggest problem I have (and it’s something that several people have noted, including my dad) is closure. I can’t quite seem to finish things off, or at least to make use of what I’ve done. Nonetheless, I had a moment of inspiration today. Let’s see how far I can take it.

One Response to “28-Jun-2005”

  1. sirm Says:

    you need to stop being so vague…tell us what your moment of inspiration was!!

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