So, I had my new apartment all ready and waiting. Then yesterday, my cousin Hemal asks me if I want to be roommates. *groans* Anyway, long story short, we found this really, really nice apartment complex called The Hamptons (yeah, really). After all is said and done, the monthly payments aren’t too bad, and the apartment is pretty sweet. Moving will be on July 17th.

Salsa was on Friday night. Class was ok. Ended up going to Kunal’s place, where we played a few frames of pool. Then he and I went over to their friend Sara’s place, where I met Sara, Kim and Krissy. And I gotta tell you, if Krissy hadn’t been dating Kunal’s roommate, I would have been really tempted to ask her out myself. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve met a girl like her ever before. I only met her for 3 hours, and probably won’t see her again. But ;I’m glad I met her. Now, if only I could meet an Indian girl like that…

Was in San Francisco last night. Pintu had gotten a really nice suite at The Clift hotel. We chilled there till 11p, then went to Suite 181. And I gotta tell ya, I did not have a great time. Nothing specifically bad happened. I just didn’t have much fun. It was one of those nights, I guess.


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