“you drink more than I do these days >_<”

So says Sirm. To be fair though, I hadn’t done much drinking until last Friday. On Friday, I had a vodka on the rocks and a screwdriver, both at home. On Saturday, I went out clubbing in downtown SJ (WOOHOO!! ), and had a few more drinks. But it had been pretty dry for several weeks before then. Let’s see what happens these coming weeks ahead.

I’ve been following the cricket rather often these days. India is in their “off-season”, so to speak, so all eyes are on England, who will be facing Australia for the Ashes ;in a few weeks. Australia had a nightmare start to their tour, even going so far as to lose to Bangladesh. To put this in perspective, the current Australian team is considered to be among the best teams ever in the history of the sport. The ;Bangladeshi team had won only 9 official games over the last 20 years. This was more than an upset. This was like the Cornell basketball team beating Michael Jordan’s Chicago bulls… well, not quite, but you get the idea. England, on the other hand, has been playing really well, and ;looks to have its best shot at regaining the Ashes in the last 20 years (when they last had possession of them), and it should be an absorbing contest.

Oh, and I’m moving in 2 weeks. I’m going here . Looks pretty decent, I think. Should be fun. I do hate moving though. Oh well…


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