If I don’t start writing this stuff down, it’ll never get up here. I’ll take it a couple of days at a time.

We drove to Vegas on Wednesday afternoon. Didn’t encounter much traffic, so it was a relatively smooth 8 1/2 hour drive. I also discovered that my car doesn’t like going uphill with 4 people inside and luggage in the trunk. Let’s just say I spent some time in the truck (i.e. slow) lane. Before checking into our hotel , we went to pick up the tickets for the show we were going to watch that night. First of all, the Bellagio is very impressive. Second of all, Penn and Teller are very good. My favourite part of the show (for obvious reasons) was the final act, when I was one of the two volunteers who helped them. I won’t go into the gory details here (you can ask me for those later… please ask me ), but I did get a souvenir from it. Also, I discovered something very interesting. Teller can talk!! Then we decided to walk down the strip a bit. I was just starting to wonder if ;I would actually see people handing out flyers for strippers when I saw a line of Mexicans (not a white or black man among them), male and female, handing out flyers to everyone who passed by. Half of them had headphones on and none of them even tried saying anything. I wouldn’t have been surprised if most of them didn’t know a word of English.

The next day, we slept in and had lunch at a local Indian restaurant. We went to The Wynn , and I gotta tell ya, I can see where he spent the $2.7B. It wasn’t showy or glitzy. It was just … nice . Anyway, after a nice siesta, we went down to the tables. I sat myself down at the $5 blackjack table, put in $100 and was on my way. From 6:30p to 9:15p, I went up $61. And I gotta say, it’s amazing how time flies. We decided to leave for dinner then, and that was a BIG mistake. My hot hand went to ice. By the time we returned at 12:30a, I lost the $61 profit, then went through my $100 investment. By 3:30a, Vegas had won. I still had another Benjamin in my wallet, but decided I’d had enough.

Funny thing that night… as we were walking back to the hotel, I saw an attractive blonde lady in a slinky black dress, sitting on a bench in the Bellagio driveway next to a black man. This other white guy came up to them, and sat down next to her. She was sitting on one end of the bench, and he basically sat on the edge, up close to her. I was standing nearby, and ;I heard him introduce himself. I didn’t hear the whole conversation, but I heard him talking about ;places to go, and so on. Both of them were smiling. In the meantime, the black guy had gotten up and walked to a nearby light pole, and just stood there. That’s when it hit me… I’d just seen a “Vegas Transaction” take place! The black guy was even wearing a hat, and had purple clothes (either his shirt or his pants, I can’t remember). All he was missing was a cane, and a Cadillac.

Oh, and next time I’m in Vegas, I’m spending a lot of time at New York, New York ;and The Palms . And I’m definitely coming with friends. ;We left Vegas on Friday and drove to LA. I’ll finish that story next time. Won’t be as long, but we had fun there.

Mom and dad left today. Mom got a little more emotional than usual (given that she was seeing me after only 5 months), but what surprised me was how much I missed them already. My parents have this uncanny ability to get on my nerves, but they are also the only two people (as well as my sister) who I know I’ll be able to count on for as long as I live. I have a few friends and relatives ;who come close, but no one whom I can trust so completely and blindly to drop everything on their plate and come rushing whenever I ask for help. There was other stuff going on in my head too, but I don’t want to get too melodramatic here. ;Suffice it to say, I’m already looking forward to seeing them again. Until of course, they start getting on my nerves again. *sighs* Que sera sera.


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  1. QtGuJu817 Says:

    Change the AIM screenname on the left side… by the way, you never told me what the souvenir was.

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