Let’s see… Houston was fun. My niece is soooo cute! I’ve seen my fair share of one year olds, and I gotta tell ya, not all of them are cute. But this girl… WOW!! I spent a lot of time with Ankit, and Kalpesh’s younger brother Dipesh, who was visiting from A&M. Dipu is an… interesting kid. Pretty quiet, but still a cool guy.

Then on to Tampa. It’s a nice place. Tampa Airport is really cool. It’s basically set up in a star configuration . The main terminal building, with ticketing, baggage claim, etc. is in the center. The gates are divided amongst ;five structures, spread out like the ;five points of a star. Each of the five buildings is individually connected to the central terminal with a monorail. It really appealed to the engineer in me. So simple, yet so effective. The best part? The rental cars were in the same building as the main terminal. Just walk across the street, a distace of about 100 feet. And I got a Toyota Camry too, which was pretty sweet.

On Tuesday, after work, we all were supposed to go to The Winghouse ;(check out the photo gallery). Imagine Hooters, but less classy. I had no warning of this, of course, so when I walked in and saw a bunch of waitresses wearing very skimpy clothing, I was a little taken aback. My immediate thought was, “Look up. Eye contact. LOOK UP!” Of course, I’m just a simple boy. ;Our waitress was this pretty cute 18 year old. After beer, I went to the beach, and saw the sunset. It was really nice, and my cellphone now has a new background image that I won’t be changing for a while.

I returned Thursday night, and my parents and sister came in on Friday at different times. We’ve basically been hanging out since then. In fact, tomorrow, we’re heading out to Vegas. Vegas, BABY!! I’ll provide details about that later. Hehehe…



One Response to “25-May-2005”

  1. sirm Says:

    I have yet to actually go to vegas…I’m envious >_<

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