Where to begin? Had a business trip early this week, and on the return flight, my left ear refused to pop. Might have had something to do with the fact that I had a cold and was napping. Either way, as the plane descended, my left ear literally felt like it was going to start bleeding any second. I don’t think it’s officially popped yet, but it’s getting better. I’ll wait a while before offering any official prognosis.

I also booked my tickets to Florida for another business trip in two weeks. I’ll be going via Houston for my niece’s 1st birthday, and to see my Mommy. ;I am excited about the Florida trip, though. I was hoping to get a hotel near the beach, but the Hilton had raised its rates so it no longer fit within the company per diem, and I don’t know how good any of the other hotels on the beach are. But I’m staying at the Marriott, so it shouldn’t be too bad. I have to rush back to San Jose immediately ;at the end of this ;trip, but next time I’m taking the full weekend off and going to Walt Disney World. Hopefully I’ll be able to convince Kalpesh to come with me. Lord knows the bastard owes me for screwing up my Thanksgiving plans last year.

Let’s see, it’s Cinco De Mayo today. I’m going to Happy Hour where I will consume a $3 margarita (it’s not $0.99, but things tend to be more expensive in California ). The only reason I’m having just one is because I need to drive to P.F.Changs for dinner with the happy couple, Rinki and Pintu. It’s going to be them, me, Rajul, and Rinki’s sister.

Hmmm… On second thought, I think I’m going to have a second margarita after all.


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